Prescott System Prescott System

Requires only an 11.5´ X area

  • 3 Pedicure stations
  • 3 Manicure stations
  • 2 Three drawer cabinets
  • 3 Technician chairs

List Price $29,750.00

All of our chairs have the following features:

  • Chair has Shiatsu movement which kneads and massages the entire back.
  • Most advanced Jet less, Air injected, Infection free, Hydro foot bath design.
  • The only truly Full service Spa pedicure/manicure station. No need to compromise any part of either service.
  • Truly functional Light weight storable manicure tray allows additional opportunity for upgraded Spa Manicures.
  • Laminate and fabric combinations customized per your specifications to compliment your salon.
  • Cabinet features full extension drawers for all supplies, tools and necessities for the technician and a common deep drawer for towels.
  • Cabinet surface puts Retail "up close and personal" with your client. Allows technician more service and presentation opportunities.
  • Six-way electric seats that provide optimum comfort for the client and total convenience for the technician.
  • Twin air injection system provides unmatched soothing bubbles for the feet as well as a deeper foot massage.
  • Radiant heat system that keeps an optimum water temperature in the stainless steel footbath.
  • The new custom faucet/sprayer provides a soothing leg rinse and reliable sanitation tool.
  • Optional power drain pump available.

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